Geri Hoops Twerk Workshops Roma 16.09.2018


Questa volta abbiamo esagerato !
Una delle esponenti più acclamate al mondo di questo stile. Una vera e propria leggenda : dal Cile, per la prima volta in Italia :
Guardando i suoi seguitissimi video, ci siamo chieste tutte “come fa a muoversi in quel modo?” il punto di forza di Geri è proprio la sua purissima e perfetta tecnica di Twerk .
Ed è appunto questa che studieremo insieme a lei : Come muoversi in maniera pulita e precisa , come prendere confidenza con il nostro Lato B e i suoi movimenti !
Ma non solo : in 3 ore di studio Geri ci proporrà la sua visione personale di questo stile , varianti e contaminazioni incluse !
Un Workshop di livello tecnico altissimo e adatto a tutti i livelli ,
per le professioniste che possono pulire e perfezionare i loro movimenti e per le principianti che vogliono iniziare ad affacciarsi a questo ballo!
Stavolta è proprio il caso di dirlo : It’s Time to Shake Your Booty!!

Location : Molinari Art Center Via Antonino Lo Surdo 51 , Roma
(Eur Marconi)

Info : +39 3332203604 ,
Managed by  Federica LaPondi Federica LaPondi

Geraldine Patricia Rodríguez Olivares was born on September 10th 1988. She started her career at the age of 18 when she was a part of a dancing group which put on different shows at parties. The publics´ response was so good, it gave rise to Team Hoops where apart from being able to dance, and Geraldine was the one who made their wardrobe which they used in their events. Due to this, she became well known by her artistic name (GERI HOOPS) and was requested for her way of dancing, taking her on a journey across Chile to show her work.
Geraldine received so much support from those who followed her on her social networks, leaving her as a top ranking Chilean public figure. One day as she was watching videos on Youtube, she found out about the dance style called “Twerk”. As she had liked this new innovative style so much, she decided to learn it on her own, since in Chile there were no dance professionals that actually taught it. She worked months to be able to perfect her style and constantly uploaded videos of her rehearsals to social networks, which in turn, caused other to become highly interested in this discipline as she did.
One day she decided to risk it all and give her first class. The turnout was so big that they asked her to give more classes. In this moment of her life (2015), it was after so much hard work, she decided to open her classes under the name “Geri Hoops Twerk Class”
Thanks to the hard work that she carries out by training and surpassing her limits to be seen as an all-out professional, she has been contacted by different academies from Chile to overseas. Geraldine has traveled to Mexico, Spain, The United States, Argentina, and Brazil to be able to show her work, making her classes a complete success. This has opened doors to visit other countries of which she was taken it calmly, considering her main motivation is focused on her academy and for all those who want to learn in a dedicated, personalized, and passionate way; in this way, her students feel really welcomed, motivated, and above all else without embarrassment of doing what they like.
Geraldine has been week for 12 years in dance, but her path has not ended here. Currently, she owns a dance studio called Hoops Studio where different dance disciplines are carried out and a clothing line, by her family, called hoops, is produced. This clothing lines main products are leggings, shorts, hot pants among others, all thought out for the greater comfort of her students.


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