Video – Show Dem ! Steps Routine & Dancehall Interview EP1 FSD French Squad Danca

Shook Shook Shook !!!!
DHF Roma promotes SHOW DEM !
The “S” is for Steps Routine
The “D” is for Dancehall Interview!!!
The first SHOW DEM is about FSD French Squad Danca !!!
reppin FSD Steps ‪#‎shookitup‬ ‪#‎jahovaevil‬ ‪#‎magaswing‬ ‪#‎allseason‬‪#‎shadowkilladance‬
Check the Routine and the Interview Below!!
Thanks French Squad Danca !!! Big Up !!!


1) When did u start Dancing and why did u fall in love with Dancehall Dancing? 

Sunny – i ‘ m grow up in dance , my family was a teacher of traditional dance of Guadeloupe (Caribbean, African legacy) and when i saw dancers like Bogle, John Hype, and other jamaican danncers i saw the same stuff of traditional guadeloupean dance, dat’s why i’m in Love with Reggae Dancehall: For me Dancehall is the legacy of our traditional caribbean dance (african legacy) , every island in caribbean have a tradtional dance similaire, dat’s why i’m in love in Reggae Dancehall.. i recognize myself in it.

2)Which are your favourite 3 Steps and Why?

Sunny – my fav moves are : SHOOK IT UP , love it cause we create it and turn in Jamica and all over the globe, dat’s why we can call it a real Dancehall Dance, and it turn in different music, like african , hip hop , soca, electro…
Tehe second one is ALL SEASON , love it cause we creat it too and it turn over the world too, a lot of Dancehall Dancers use it and this step has a lot of variations , different flow, different energy , that’s why All Season , u can do it all season 🙂
And the last one is WORLD DANCE from Bogle cause for me is the Base of Dancehall flow.

3) What do u think about the Dancehall Dance evolution in the last years?

Sunny – It’s a good look !

4) What do you suggest to every one who’s starting studying Dancehall Dancing now?

Sunny – i suggest to every student to come learn Dancehall dance in Dancehall Parties too, for really feel the dance!

Thanks Sunny for your time Big up from DHF Dancehall family Roma ! Hope to see u soon !!!

Sunny – shook shook shook !! Big up yourself !! Really hope to see u soon too !!


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